What is Marketing4Indies? Does it work?

In this Article we explain what is Marketing4Indies. Does it work? Is it a scam? and many more ...



First off, what is Marketing4Indies? It's one of our Instagram Profiles, which specializes on helping and marketing Indie Game Studios and everybody related to Indie Game niche.

You might have visited @marketing4indies already, if you did, you sure know that we have got a big and active audience. We recommend you to see our Stories and Highlights for useful Instagram Growth Tips. On our stories we ask you what you would like to know about Instagram and we answer all of your questions. 


Now, what's the story behind Marketing4Indies? Well, it's really interesting. We were a couple of friends, who tried to develop their Indie Game, so we got to know the Indie Game Niche quite well over time.

After we've got amazing Growth of Followers on our accounts, we've decided to start our own Marketing Agency. We wanted to create Niche-specific Instagram profiles to start with, where we could specify on a set Audience and help people in that Niche.

That's how we've decided to start the @marketing4indies Instagram Account. Marketing for Indies, now with over 20,000 Followers is one of the biggest accounts in the Indie Game Niche. Through that account we've helped Hundreds of Indie Developers and Studios with their Marketing, so they can focus on the Game Development.

Is it a Scam?

From the beginning, we were faced with a lot of doubt and worry from the Indie Community. And it wasn't surprising, we were newcomers in the Indie Game Community and we were offering Cheap Marketing? An subconscious answer from a lot of people was: This is a scam!

So we did our research and we've found out, that in 2017 there were someone under the website www.marketing4indies.com who scammed a lot of Indie Developers with publishing their Games on Steam. That's why all the skepticism!

There we set our Goal to change that and prove the Indie Game community that we are legitimate company and our Marketing actually works.

Does the Marketing actually Work?

Does it work? The ultimate question when deciding if you should buy a Marketing from one company or another. If we were to succeed in the Indie Game community, which was really skeptical due to all the Scams from 2017, we had to provide concrete solid results to our customers. And so we did.

First we started working with @farvoidgames and we've helped them with marketing their first Game Release: Traveler's Path. For an unknown studio, this was a huge success. Hundreds of downloads in the first day alone. At that point we knew that we could really help Indie Developers with Marketing their Games.

Indie Developers love to develop games, and most of them don't have the time to research and do all the Marketing needed to Publish their games. Without proper Marketing, nobody will see their Games on which they've worked on for so long. This is the main reason why Indie Game Studios reach out to us for help with Marketing.

Now we are working with tons of Indie Game Developers and Studios and we're helping them Grow their Instagram Audiences with over 3,000+ Targeted, Active Followers each and every month. These are the results hard work and dedication can bring.

Thank You

Thank you for reading. I hope you've found our Story and this Article interesting and I hope that I've answered all of your questions. If there's anything more you'd like to ask, reach out to us at @marketing4indies Instagram Direct Messages or Email us at contact@instamarketings.com

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