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Do you want thousands of NewActive and Real Followers?
Are you looking for a way to reach your dream numbers?
    Then you're at the right place!

    Our service works great for both Business and Personal Accounts

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    What will you get for $50?

    Growth in Post Engagement and in your Following
    Increase in Sales (We will help you convert Followers into Buyers)
    Description of Target Audience (Influencers, Competitors, ...)
    List of 30 Relevant Hashtags to your Profile
    Page Evaluation (Niche, Feed, Bio, Posting Frequency, ...)
    Suited Action Plan (Steps for you to follow to ensure maximum results)


    Why is our service better that Others'?

    We've got years of Social-Media marketing experience behind us
    We've Marketed accounts from different Niches, Sizes and even Languages
    Every account we've managed has grown substantially
    Cheapest prices on the market
    We provide you with New, Real and Active Followers
    If we fail to grow your account, you are getting your Money Back!


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    The Marketing Process

    1) We will research your Target Audience
    2) Then we will filter out Real and Active people (removing All bots and fake accounts in the process)
    3) We interact with those people (Like, Comment, Follow, DM, ...), therefore building you a name in the community and making those people remember you
    4) Do that over and over again, all-day everyday




    Targeting the Right Audience

    Targeting by Hashtags (most popular and accurate)
    Targeting by Location (great for local stores, influencers, ...)
    Targeting by Influencers (people who follow a certain person)


    Hashtag, Location, Person


    What do we need to Start?

    Your Target Audience
    Your Instagram Username
    Your Instagram Password





    Make sure your account is at least 7 days old
    Has at least 6 Posts (the more, the better)
    Two-Factor Authentication turned OFF
    Verified Email address - and the email is accessible

    if your account doesn't meet one or more of the requirements, contact us




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